30th September 2012

Sunday 30th September 2012. Nursery Time

Well 3 months ago my little man started nursery at Kiddicaru in Peterborough. He absolutely loves it but we did have some struggles to start with.

To start with he went for a few half days to settle him in we did some in the morning and some in the afternoon. Every time I left him he cried and cried which was hard but I knew it would pay off in the end when he got used to it and made new friends.

Nowadays I take him in and he just runs off and gets his breakfast and isn’t bothered at all about leaving me. We drop him off every Thursday at 0800 and we pick him up after work at 1800. While he is there he has some lovely food which is all homemade. He always eats it all. One thing which I really love about this nursery is that every day he comes home with his nursery book and it has inside what he has eaten throughout the day, what time he has had his nappy changed and whether it was a wee or poo, what times he has slept and what has been the group activity. So each night my partner and I sit down and have a read to see what our little monkey has been up to. I am so proud of how he has settled in especially as he only goes one day a week.

They have a beautiful new sensory room with lots of lights and water bubble machines. The nursery caters for tiny babies right up to pre school children. They have a massive outside area with bikes and toys and sandpits etc and from what I’ve read in little monkeys book they play outside quite a bit which I really like as he loves the outdoors.

I usually call up once a day just after he has had his dinner just to make sure he is OK and what he has eaten. Usually he is asleep when I call up just after dinner. The ladies are amazing with the children. I have met most of the ones who are looking after my boy and they are so nice and have so much time to talk to you about any worries or general queries you may want to speak to them about.

If you are looking for a nursery in this area you should most definitely give Kiddicaru a visit. I can not rate this nursery highly enough and my little man loves it which is the main thing for us as parents knowing he is happy.

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