5th November 2012

New Kitchen

My partner and I decided we were going to splash out on a new kitchen. We had been debating for a while if we would buy a new kitchen or not, due to us wanting to move. We would like to move to a 4 bedroom house, but we are not really ready at the minute. So after much deliberating we decided to buy a new kitchen, but not go over the top spending loads.

We started Looking around and firstly went to Homebase. All we wanted was something that looked nice, would last a few years and not cost the earth. We will be moving within the next 3-4 years so want something to see us through our years here.

The kitchen we had before was dark, old and cold looking. The picture below is the only picture I have of our old kitchen. We had already taken the doors off ready for our new one being fitted. You can see how dark and old-looking it is though.


We soon found Homebase was not the place we were going to buy from. All the units come flat packed, does not include handles, hinges, screws etc. These things all need to be purchased separately. We decided to leave it and stopped looking at kitchens for a while. I then was speaking to my Dads friend who advised us to go to Howdens. We went and had a look and we both saw a kitchen we really liked, with everything included and the units are all made up for you. The price was also less Homebase. A guy from Howdens came round to measure our kitchen, plan it for us and order it. We had the kitchen ordered and it was delivered within 3 days. Could have been sooner but we wasn’t ready. Howdens have all of their kitchens in stock and ready to go, which is why the delivery was so fast.

We both decided that we wanted a high gloss worktop, everyone advised us against it saying it would scratch easily. But this was our new kitchen and it was what we wanted. A friend of the family who is a kitchen fitted came to fit the kitchen for us.


Day one…

My dad and Steve got all of the kitchen wall units off and got a few of the new ones up.


Out with the old and …


In with the new.

Was so happy to see our old kitchen going and the new one being fitted. We had a brand new oven, hob, and fridge freezer. The other half and I joked, saying we would be arguing about who would be doing the cooking.


Day 2…

The doors went on the top unit’s and the bottom units came out ready for the new ones.


Starting to look something like our new kitchen

I was so excited seeing our new kitchen going in. The worst part of having our new kitchen fitted was having no Oven. We never use our microwave. The only reason we have one was to sterilise little mans bottles. Apart from that we don’t use it to cook with at all. For 5 days we have to use our microwave. We did have a takeaway twice though.

Day 3 and 4 our new worktops were being fitted, along with fitting the new sink, hob and oven. The worktops took a lot of time to cut and fit. They do look amazing though. The Cornish and Kick boards were also fitted.

Day 5.. The last day! The handles were put on the Doors. There were also a few other odd jobs that needed doing, but it was more of a finishing off day. The last day I was at work so had not been at home all day. I was so excited to get home to see the kitchen. We have not yet had it tiled, we have not decided on tiles yet, so that is still to be done. The kitchen is finished though apart from the tiles and we love it.

The finished Product!! Well 99%

We just now have to sort the tiling and with that a cover then is put on to hide the pipe at the top of the cooker.

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