7th November 2018

New flooring for our home

Since we moved a year ago we haven’t had chance to do any of our flooring downstairs. The carpet is a pale cream colour which is the worst colour when you have children of there ages of 7 and 4. There is always something being spilt of a mark getting on the carpet. We have been discussing and think wooden laminate flooring would be the best option for our living room.

Until we started looking for wooden flooring I had no idea at the amount of choice . I thought it was wood colour and that was it, how wrong could I be? There are wooden colours, grey and white and blacks and it has made our decision really hard. Doug and I find it hard to agree at the best of times but now there is so much choice it’s even harder. Have to admit I love the grey colours but Doug isn’t so sure. Do you have wooden flooring and if so what colour do you have?

When we moved home we bought some new sofas which are a kind of grey/silver and I think that a lovely pale grey flooring would go great with our sofas.

At £9.79 per m2 for this I think it is such a good buy and I love the colour. It is called the Loft Grey

I am already thinking of how much easier it will be to mop up and spills and how easy it will be to clean.

I also love the contrast of the nordic pine one and I love the contrasting colours, just looks a bit different to your normal one colour flooring. I do think this would look fabulous in our living room. The laminate flooring has also been coated with an antibacterial coating which is great if you have kids crawling around on the floor.

Flooring Superstore gives you a 6 year warranty with the wooden flooring sourced from sustainable forests, which is a bonus in my opinion.

Have to admit we have never had a wooden flooring but I just can’t imagine it being as difficult to look after as a cream carpet. Whilst I do love the warm feeling of carpet I think the wooden flooring is so modern and with a big rug in the middle would really finish the whole room off. We are still in the middle of making up our minds 100% on the wall colours and I think once that has been decided it will be easier to decide on the flooring colour.

Let me know what you think about these choices?


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