28th January 2016

My view on wearing pyjamas on the school run

It has very recently been in the news about a school sending home a letter asking parents not to wear Pjs to drop their kids off at school. What do you all think about it? Here is My view on wearing pyjamas on the school run…

I totally agree! I think it looks lazy and slobbish. How can we expect our kids to go to school and be ready for a day of learning whilst a bunch of lazy parents are standing there in their Pjs. I would never do this and I really don’t think any other parent should. People should have at least a bit of respect for themselves and get dressed to drop their kids off.

At the school Little Man goes to, I have seen some parents wearing their Pjs to PICK up their kids at 1515. I mean who wears their Pjs all day like that? Really? It’s just blooming lazy.

Don’t get me wrong, at the weekend I wear lounge wear around the house unless I am going out. I would never go out in them though. It takes 2 minutes to dress yourself so why not put your Pjs back on when you get back home. Just don’t make the school look like a place for the chavs to hang out in the morning and afternoon with your Pjs on.

It sets a bad example for the children if nothing else. Children should be brought up to understand that sitting around in your Pjs all day isn’t the way forward. We should be out and working, earning money and at least getting bloody dressed.

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9 responses to “My view on wearing pyjamas on the school run”

  1. oh my goodness, yes! there is absolutely no excuse. it’s pure laziness and it’s just so chavvy!

  2. melanie stirling says:

    I totally agree,I was shocked when I read this story,I don’t know how people would even dare to go out in their pyjamas!

  3. sandy ralph says:

    oh well said.. i totally agree with this…after all our kids learn from us, we wouldn’t send them out to play or to school in their pajamas

  4. I totally agree I think that it is awful people going to school in PJs . I was shopping the other day and someone ( a young woman) was in their PJs and dressing gown and slippers and everyone was staring , there is just no need for it. I don’t even put the bins out in my pj’s never mind go to school or out shopping etc. People are defending it saying what if the parents are on nightshift, well I use to work nights and never done it I just wore leggings and a hoody which takes seconds to put on xx

  5. bubbablue says:

    I’m with you. It’s slopping and inappropriate. It’s called nightwear for a reason.

    The worst was once shopping in Tesco, I saw a girl in front of me at the check out who was in pjs, and a dressing gown. At least her bloke was dressed.

  6. Tracey says:

    Ugh I hate this. Getting dressed is really not a difficult job! Have seen a mum at my son’s Montessori a few years ago in her pjs and slippers. I feel slobby going to school in tracksuit bottoms!

  7. I totally agree with you! I would never go out in my pjs – it literally takes a second to put proper clothes on! I always see people in the pjs in the supermarket and I think the same for that too xx

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