17th September 2019

My secret Obsession

This is something I have never mentioned on my blog before and it isn’t for any other reason than… it has never come up in conversation before.

About 4 years ago I downloaded the flight radar app to watch my parents on a flight. It shows you the point where the aircraft is, height, when it lands and lots more. I watched them fly to their destination and land and I found it really interesting. From that point I start to watch other flight around the world, the flight radar app shows every plane in the sky at that moment in time all around the world. It was something I would look at every now and again and thought nothing more of it. That was until we moved home 18 months ago.

So what happened 18 months ago…? We moved home and we now live under a flight path. When the planes pass over us they are 35-38000 feet high but on a nice clear day you can see them passing over every few minutes. I started using the app to find out where the planes had flown from and where they were going to and I became hooked on it. When out in the garden in the summer we would see a plane and check it out every time. Doug then ended up paying for the upgraded flight radar app for me so we could see more detail such as what type of plane it was, age of the plane, picture of the plane and type, speed, temperature of outside air temp at heigh of plane and loads more. I found myself seeing planes in the sky the in the car and the kids would shout out… where is it going… so I would check the app and tell them.

After realising I really enjoyed looking up the planes and being a bit of a plane spotter I guess, I found out about a place called Myrtle Avenue right next to London Heathrow airport. Myrtle Avenue is a very small road that leads down to a big grass area right next to Heathrow airpot. Anyone can go down there, but the best part is the planes landing pass right over your head at no higher than 80 feet and 5-10 seconds from landing! I know you guys may possibly be thinking… what the heck, but OMG Its amazing. I wanted to go for months and months and a few weeks ago Doug surprised me, took the day off work and we all went down there for the day. I absolutely loved it, the kids loved it and Doug just thinks I am weird ha ha!!

When we had got sat down on the grass area and I saw the first plane coming into land I was so bloody excited. We were there 3 hours and it didn’t get any less boring what so ever. I now want a book with a list of every single airplane registration plate in it so I can tick off which ones I have seen, which Doug thinks is highly hilarious.

So what secret or not so secret anymore for me, obsessions do you have? Check out my Instagram saved stories for some videos from the day

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