12th April 2014

My pregnancy Diary: Week 16

This week saw me see the Midwife, for the second time. I have been so excited about this as I knew we would get to hear the baby’s heartbeat. We had the appointment on Friday and it was amazing. There is was a great heartbeat coming from baby. This then got my thinking… is it a boy or is it a girl?? Hummm we wont know till baby is here as we are not finding out.

Our Holiday:
As each week pass and our holiday get closer, I have a few more nerves build up inside me about flying while being pregnant. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. I worry about everything mainly hoping I don’t get ill while away. I am lucky as the airline we are flying with only let you fly up to 28weeks and coming home I will be 24 weeks. All I can say is… Thanks for the World Cup. If it wasn’t for world cup we would have booked to go in June, I would have then been to far gone to travel. We booked the holiday before I knew I was pregnant.

When I was pregnant with Little Man I got the weirdest craving, Dr Pepper. Not really a drink that I have drunk on a regular basis. Since Little Man has been born I haven’t had any Dr Pepper at all. Something weird happened this week, My Dr Pepper craving came back. It is what I think about so much, I want to drink it all the time and I know it’s not the best to drink to drink whilst pregnant. I’ll have a bottle here and there and try not to think about it too much.

Still no movements felt from baby yet 🙁 Still waiting and the waiting seems like forever now!!!

Our Little Man has started talking to the baby. He says things into my belly button like … “hello baby im your big brother” OR “hello baby what you doing in there in Mummys belly” So very cute.

Well that’s about it for  week 16, see you next week for more  updates.

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