2nd February 2017

My favourites from Converse

Everyone must have heard of the Converse name right?

I have been in love with Converse for such a long time and I remember way back now getting my first pair of converse shoes. They were a pair of blue canvas shoes and I loved them so much, I wore them until they fell apart. They could be worn with pretty much anything, I have dressed them up and dressed them down.

Converse isn’t all about the shoes though… they do mens, woman and kids clothing from Hats to tee-shirts to coats, shorts and everything in between. Converse is one of my most favourite brands of all time and I am going to share with you a few of my favourites here. It really is so hard choosing just a few items to list here when there is so much I love. All of these items can be found through Love the Sales. You can also rest assured that the quality will be fantastic and the items you buy will with stand the test of time.


  1. Shield Hooded Parka £122.50
  2. Rose gold metallic trainers £35
  3. Core Cap green £9.50
  4. Converse Cap white £16.09
  5. baby boy body and hat set £13
  6. Womans chuck patch classic vest £12
  7. baby girl all in one £12
  8. Womans GF shorts £17
  9. Boys stacked sneakers tee-shirt £11
  10. Womans All Star metallic joggers £21
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