22nd June 2015

My BritMums Live 2015 weekend



This was my first year attending BritMums live and it was thanks to MAM UK that I was able to attend. They sponsored my ticket, travel and hotel and how very grateful I still am.

I had an absolutely amazing weekend meeting lots of new bloggers and lots that I have already spoken to. It is so nice to put names to faces and faces to blog names. Can all get very confusing which is why we all had name and blog name badges.





I arrived on the Friday at 12pm and walked to my hotel to drop off my bags. I was very nervous, however I met up with Lucie from Our world and Autism so I wasn’t on my own. We walked to the Brewery together and after getting lost even though we had Google maps on my phone we eventually got there. We were greeted by a man outside the Brewery who advised us where to wait until check in was open. There was a beautiful outside space with fake grass, lovely comfy seats and umbrellas and flowers hanging from the ceiling.


Once it was time to check in we went to get our badges and I was starting to become more excited than nervous. I am not a shy person when I know people, however when I am around people I don’t really know. Lucie and I got our badges and headed straight off into the Hub to meet some brands and to meet some lovely bloggers. There was just the one talk we wanted to go to but didn’t managed to make it. What a fantastic time we were having meeting new people, being given lots of freebies and just chatting and having a laugh oh and drinking free wine.


We can’t forget us BritMums are now Guinness World Record holders!! Most people wrapped up in toilet roll like Mummies in 3 minutes. We only went and got the record at 51!!!! Whooo



We popped back to our hotel before the BIBS to freshen up and drop off our bags. The BIBS were great and well done to all who won, also well done to all those in the final what an achievement. I drank too much wine and by the end I was gassing so much to Sabina from Mummy Matters that we had to be told to leave.

That evening Lucie and I headed back to the hotel we were so tired, we decided to crash in the hotel with lots of Un-friendly Slimming World treats.


DAY 2…

After a fantastic first day of chatting and making new friends we decided today to go to some talks. We attended 3 and I have to say I really learnt a lot from each one we attended.



After having Lunch which was lovely, Salmon and rice and some chocolate dessert which was out of this world we finished off by going to a couple more talks. By the time we knew it was time to leave. I can not believe how fast the weekend went, too fast for me as I didn’t get chance to speak to everyone who I wanted to.

I had a fantastic weekend and met some fantastic people. I do feel there is quite a divide between some bloggers and it can become very childish. However I tried not to let it get in the way of my first BritMums being amazing one.

I learnt a lot from the sessions I went to and met a lot of new brands. I met some fantastic bloggers which I hadn’t spoken to before and have a lot of new blogs to read now, which is very exciting.

Did you attend BM Live? Id love to hear about your experience or leave your link in the comments for me to read 🙂

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4 responses to “My BritMums Live 2015 weekend”

  1. I attended for my first year also and I loved it.

    • bloggingmummy87 says:

      It just a fantastic event to meet so many other lovely bloggers. Just a shame you don’t get to get around everyone. xx

  2. I’m glad you had a good time , it was lovely to meet you I only wish I had of seen you sooner instead of right at the end. Xx

    • bloggingmummy87 says:

      Yeah I know I was really looking forward to having a chat 🙁 I am planning on going next year if you are? Or we may meet at an event before. Was lovely to meet you even though it was right at the end. xx

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