19th October 2018

How Mums Can Market Their Products Like a Pro

Mums have always been great a multitasking. Whether this is a learned talent or a natural trait is debatable and yet, it is still an undeniable fact. This is the very same reason why the number of
female CEOs is on the rise. However, not all of us have the ability or the desire to run a full-time organisation. DIY businesses have therefore become commonplace and working from home is a great way to enjoy a predictable source of income. Still, possessing a functional website is not always enough. Without a sound marketing strategy, your efforts will inevitably fall upon deaf ears. If you have been struggling to reach your target audience, there are a few variables to examine in order to determine what the problem may be. Let’s take a closer look.

Lesser-Known Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid 
One of the most common fallacies involves the concept that more is better. In other words, some feel that marketing to as large of an audience as possible will produce results. On the contrary, this only leads to diluted strategies and inefficiency.  Another issue involves underestimating how much a marketing campaign will cost. Depending upon the tools at your disposal, this figure can substantially vary. It is a good idea to reserve at least ten per cent of your total capital towards such concerns.  Some still believe that "black hat" techniques such as keyword
stuffing and blind links will produce results. Not only is this completely untrue, but Google has now taken to penalising sites that engage in such practices.  A final error is failing to use all of the Internet portals and channels at your disposal. Not only is a significant portion of your demographic being missed, but your efforts could very well result in little or even no rewards. This brings us to the next major point.

Adding Many More Strings to the Bow 
One of the latest trends to take the Internet community by storm is the concept of  multi channel marketing . Imagine for a moment drawing a bow string back and firing a single arrow towards a
target. Now, envision this very same string equipped with a dozen or more arrows which are released simultaneously towards the same target. Which scenario is associated with greater chances of hitting a bull’s-eye? This is essentially the same concept employed by a multi-channel marketing platform.  This e-commerce solution allows you to optimise your sales across multiple channels such as social media pages, blog posts and portals such as eBay or Amazon. This notion of bringing native sales techniques to multiple marketplaces would have been impossible to achieve in the past due its inherent complications. Now, you can manage all actions from within a centralised and user-friendly system. Even novices can quickly promote their product without having to endure any of the hassles associated with more traditional techniques. If you have been looking to take the presence of your website to the next level, multi-channel marketing is an excellent method to employ.


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