18th July 2017

Moving home and my new living room wish list

We still haven’t moved yet, the chain broke down so we are currently waiting on the chain to complete again and it is so frustrating. This doesn’t stop me from shopping around for new items and ideas for our new living room. I have some ideas of how I want it to look and can’t wait to actually get moved in and buy the items I love. Whilst looking around online I found a website called Cox and Cox and they have the most beautiful items.

I have decided to do a wishlist of the items I am in love with and will be getting for our new living room once we get moved.

  1. Three White & Copper Tealight Holders £20
  2. Two concrete planters £20
  3. station clock £125
  4. Hammered Nickel table lamp £65
  5. Rustic Wooden Ladder Shelf – Slim £210.00
  6. three grey tops tables  180
  7. flatware stripe rug 325
  8. White and Copper pendant light £100
  9. Star Jersey bean chair £95

Do you like or have any of these items? You can find all these items at Cox and Cox

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