23rd January 2018

Moving home means moving school

In October 2017 we moved home and we actually moved out of the area we were in. We haven’t moved too far away but at rush hour it can take about 30 minutes to do the school run back to the school Little Man is still at.

In reality he needs to move school but I just can’t bare to move him as he is doing so well where he is, he has friends and he is settled. Thing is though if he moves school when it comes to moving to secondary school there is a much better choice of much better schools than where he is currently. The secondary schools in our old area are pretty rubbish and this is something that I have been thinking about a lot even though he is only in year 2.

I have been to have a look around 3 schools now in our new area and nothing is quite ticking all the boxes for me. One I have ruled out straight away I just didn’t like the feel of the school, didn’t like the atmosphere, the school was old and dark and really quite dingy inside and I just knew in my gut it wasn’t the one.

We went then to have a look around another which is nice and I really liked it. It’s the best of the 3 I have been to see but they currently have no spaces.

The third one is a lovely school with a new head teacher that has 20 years of experience in outstanding school, however at the moment the school requires improvement. The new head was at the school for 3 weeks and ofsted came and things were not in a good way. I can really see he is making a lot of changes and he is great but do I want to take my child out of a school that’s really good to a requires improvement. It is also our closest school and we could walk to it from our home. The other thing that worries me is the fact they have mixed years so year 1 and 2 are together in 3 separate classes of 20 children. So whilst he would be in a small class they are mixed and I am not sure what I really think about that.

Any advice on moving school would be appreciated. I am dreading moving him because he has so many lovely friends where he currently is. I know he doesn’t really want to move either but we have no choice and I am sure he will make a lot of new friends.




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3 responses to “Moving home means moving school”

  1. We are in the same position having moved house a year ago. It takes me 2 hours each day to do the school run, but all 3 children are settled. It’s a really hard decision to make x

  2. As a teacher I’d really say to take an ofsted result with a pinch of salt. The banding can be determined by all sorts of things that don’t affect you or your son in any real way. As for mixed classes, you’ll find they are taught very similarly to a single form class. In fact if your son happens to be a higher achieving yr one or lower achieving year two, he may even be better placed than in a single form class. If you got a good feeling about the place, I’d go for it.

    • thank you so much for your comment. Its all spinning around in my head right now and I need to make a decision asap s I can start to settle him into a new school and get it over and done with. think its worrying me so much more than him x

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