6th June 2016

To move or not to move

We are currently trying to decide if to move or not to move! We really need a bigger home and are trying to decide if to move or to stay where we are and extend. The problem we have is extending will cost us a lot of money but probably wont add that much value. We could then move and spend the extra on moving to a new area, with new neighbours and a new start. At the moment we love the area we live in, we have the most fantastic neighbours all around us and it is really nice and quiet. This is what is making our decision hard.

At the moment we have a 3 bedroom detached house with a big conservatory on the back and a nice garden. These days if you move to a new home the garden’s are so small which is a problem for us. We all love being outside as a family and would love to keep a big garden.

We have been thinking about knocking the wall down between the living room and kitchen to make the downstairs feel a lot bigger and more open. Our living room is quite dark as well so this would really brighten the place up with the light coming in through the conservatory.

We would then love to have our loft converted. This would be our bedroom and en-suite which would be amazing. I have looked into prices already and what suite I would love in there. I would love it to be bright and fresh and very modern looking. My parents have some lovely windows from the brand VELUX and I think this is something we would definitely go for, really can’t compromise on quality. 

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We then would love to add an extension to the side to make a bigger bathroom and a play room for the kids, this would be built over the top of our garage. At the moment we have most of the kids toys in the living room so it would be nice to be able to put them all in the playroom.

We have some big decisions to make in the next few months and really get a plan together. We keep talking about it and just can’t make up our minds. We are swaying more towards extending where we already live for the simple fact we love the area and we have such great neighbours. We could move and have the most awful neighbours and it could make our lives a nightmare.

Any suggestions, what would you do?

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5 responses to “To move or not to move”

  1. I think I’d extend, you love where you live now and can make it fit your needs. Why run the risk of being somewhere you hate just for a bigger house? Good luck with the decision Hun. Xx

    • Yeah your right, our biggest pull towards extending is our neighbours.We literally all get on like one big family. We all look out for each other and always help each other out and its so nice. Leaving would be like leaving our family. x

  2. chickenruby says:

    We bought a 4 bed house with a integral garage. in an area where we wanted to raise the kids, with the intention of a loft and garage conversion. A couple of houses we looked at had the gable end on the sides of the house and were not suitable for conversion, so that is worth looking into to help you decide. We opted to employ a project manager who arranged the plans and the work force and a fixed price, as we only converting within the existing walls of the property we only needed building regs and not planning permission. With the loft conversion, we were required to have the ceiling lowered to enable a step into the two rooms and had to have door closures on all doors except the bathrooms for fire safety regulations and a permission letter from our neighbours and a visit from the fire department to ensure they gain access to the third floor in case of an emergency. We also had to have a supporting beam on the knock through to the garage and a supporting wall built on the second floor before the loft conversion began. The work took 7 weeks from start to finish and we stayed living in the house with 5 kids while the work was completed, we lost the use of our living room and conservatory, so before work started we made modifications to the kitchen to allow us to eat in there, our bedroom and ensuite was completely remodeled and we had to put the 4 boys into one room, with 2 sets of bunk beds, then one of the builders fell through that ceiling. It sounds chaotic but we managed it. The boys were 5, 9, 12, 14 and our daughter was 15.
    it really was worth the effort and the cost as we ended up with a 6 bed house, 3 reception rooms, a bathroom and 2 ensuites, this was in 2004 and i doubt the cost we paid then would be relevant now, but it was an additional 1/4 of the current value of the house at the time.

    • Integral garages are the best to convert into a room without having to build anything. Its like a pre made extra room the just needs insulating etc. I didn’t realise there was so much to a conversion though with the doors and the fire service having to come out. That is good though so you know it is very safe. I actually think 7 weeks is very quick however I bet it doesn’t feel like it when you are living through it ha ha. I would prob move the family over to live with my mum and dad for a few weeks, although it would prob drive the hubby bonkers ha ha! x

      • when we had the garage converted we had to have the floor raised to the same height as the room we knocked through to. Rather than have a concrete floor we opted for the cheaper option of having a raised floor on wooded beams, really cut the cost.

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