3rd February 2016

Monochrome Vs Colour

Firstly as the title may suggest this IS NOT a post about Monochrome vs Colour. The title is slightly sarcastic and isn’t in any way meant as some may read it.

I have wanted to try this idea out for a while now but just haven’t got around to posting it. I have recently been seeing more and more monochrome on IG and I do like it, however for me it isn’t practical for everyday life. That’s just me though, others may think differently and that is fine too.

I have decided to set up and Instagram community called #2016incolour This is not intended in any way to offend any monochrome loving parents or individuals. It isn’t an us vs them or a monochrome vs colour it’s just a simple hashtag for people to come and link up beautiful colourful pictures. Whether this is kids playing with colourful toys, wearing colourful clothes, colourful food you have been eating, colourful parts in your house basically anything colourful. Take a snap and link up to #2016incolour on Instagram

Each month I shall pick a few of my favourites and link to your blog (if you have a blog) or your IG account if you are not a blogger. Anyone can link up and the more the merrier.

So the hashtag is now open for you to start linking up. I am really looking forward to seeing some beautiful pictures. #2016incolour


Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 21.28.55

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