27th August 2016

If Money were no Object… Dream Vs Reality Dream

If money were no object… Those words fill me with so much excitement and happiness. Ohhh the things I would do and the things I would buy, the holidays I would go on and the Islands I would buy. The thing is  not a lot of people in this world have that much money where they really can buy absolutely anything they want. I am going to give you my… If money were no object Vs if money were no object REALITY

If money were no object… I would buy my family our own island, just like Richard Branson’s Necker Island. It looks amazing, it would be amazing and it would be just ours. I would buy holiday homes around the world in USA, Jamaica, South of France, Maldives.

I would buy cars and loads of them, Range Rovers, sports cars, fast cars and expensive 1 of 10 type cars ever made in the world.

All of the above though is just a dream and would never be a reality unless I suddenly became a multi Billionaire.

So here is my REALITY of if money were no object. OK so I mean if I won a few Million on the Lotto what I would do… this is a reality view now my dream above is over!

I would move my family to a lovely town near where we currently live. The house prices are very expensive because of the location and the lovely area. We currently have a 3 bed detached, I would love to move to a 5 bedroom detached, with living room, dining room, study and play room.

I  would love an indoor swimming pool in the back garden, with a lovely big garden for the kids to run free as the wind and enjoy the lovely sunshine and the lovely soft snow in the winter. I would get the kids a tree house, swings slides and every outdoor toy they wish for. Zip wires, wobbly bridges the full works. I would also make sure there was a sauna and jacuzzi as well. That’s not asking for too much is it?

I would love a big Range Rover with all the toys on it and then a more sensible everyday family car. Actually a white Ford S-max would do me just fine, possibly a little weekend sporty number as well.

I would love to surprise some of my friends as well with really nice gifts. Paying off some of their credit cards, helping them with deposits for houses, buying them their first cars etc. I absolutely love treating my friends and family, I love to see people faces when they open presents and seeing how happy gifts makes people.

I would love to buy a holiday home in the South of France, what an amazing place that is. Would be beautiful for us to go to in the summer months as a family and spend the holidays there.

I would make sure all of my family are seen right as well. Make sure they are all sorted out with houses and cars.

So that’s my dream vs My reality dream. What one thing would you buy if money were no object?

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