26th November 2012

Monday 26th November 2012. Mummy’s Brave boy.

Today little man had to go for a blood test. I was so worried for him and how he would react.

We go to the hospital at 1500 and the first thing the nurse did, was to put some cream on both of the back of his hands to numb them.  We had to then wait half an hour for the cream to work. While we were waiting we went for a little walk around the hospital to keep little man occupied. We went back after half an hour and we were called in. I could feel my self getting upset for him. In the room was 3 people. One lady was there to show little man toys and keep him occupied. He sat on my knee facing me legs either side of my body. The other 2 ladies were to do the test. One lady held his hand and the other lady took the blood.

Little man with the cream on his hand

I said even though he has had this cream on will he feel anything. The nurse replied and said that some children it does not work on at all. I thought knowing our luck we would be one of those people. Any way little man was distracted with the toys and the nurse started. Little man did not feel a thing. He didn’t cry or flinch at all. He was just looking at the lady playing with the toys.

The brave boy with his plaster

Once it was all done I gave him a big cuddle and told him what a brave boy he was. I went and bought him a milky chocolate and a lolly for being such a brave little boy.

I ended up being more upset than my little man. I cried and he didn’t. Mummy’s brave little boy.

My brave smiley boy with his lolly

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