25th February 2013

Monday 25th February 2013. Blood test


Picture is of little man with the magic cream working on his hand. He didn’t feel a thing when they took the blood from him.

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you will know my little man had a stage where he kept being really ill. For anyone who does not know, we went through a stage from May 2012 to November 2012 of him being ill every other week. He was either sick or had a fever. I kept on taking him to the doctors and they told me it was normal as he started nursery in May. Now I am not stupid and I know he will pick things up, but not every other week be really ill. He was being sick 3 times a day for 2 days then the following week would be the same, or he would have a fever. Now I am no expert but this wasn’t right.

I felt like the doctors were not listening to me. One day after I had finally had enough I demanded they did a blood test on him. The doctors agreed to do a full blood count and Thyroid test on him. They said to me that it was simply to put my mind at rest though. Long story short…… The results came back and he was slightly anemic. He iron levels were 10.2 and they should be between 11.4 and 17. The doctor called me and told me. I asked if this would be making him ill and they said that low iron levels cause lowered immune system. With him just starting nursery as well he was getting so ill. FINALLY I had a reason for him being so ill all the time. It was a like a vicious circle we were in. He was Ill and not eating, so he wasn’t getting any goodness in him, then what he did eat he was sick.

After the blood results the doctor decided to try to get his levels back up with iron vitamins and by me giving him iron rich foods to start with. I started giving him Wellkid vitamins. I started mashing up broccoli and cabbage and putting it in his mash potato, hoping he wouldn’t taste it. I’ve been giving him Orange juice with his vitamins as it helps absorb the iron into his body faster. He’s been eating dried apricots which he loves and they have a lot of iron in them. Then last of all he’s been having fortified cereal with iron in them.

So today he’s had another blood test to see if I have done enough in getting his iron back up. I pray to god I have, I have done as much as I can. I just hope tomorrow we get the result we all want. I will write a small post tomorrow to let you know the results.

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  1. Fingers crossed, but you seem to have all the tricks and done everything you can. What a brave young man 🙂

    • They were amazing at the hospital with him. I really have done all I can, so just need a good result and it will of all been worth it. Its meant of lot of cooking 2 different meals every night for a long time.

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