18th March 2013

Monday 18th March 2013. B Kids Stacks O’ Fun review.


We have recently been sent Stacks O Fun from B kids to review. This toy is a great educational toy for children ages 9 months +.  There are 8 stacking cups all different colours. They stack one on top of each other to make a big tower. The top stacking cup has a yellow spinner on the top. The cups do also stack inside each other for easy storage. Inside each cup there is also a number from  1 to 8. This shows you exactly which cup should stack on top of each one. For older children playing with these cups it teaches them counting and numbers which is great.

Stacking cups in the box


Little man really enjoyed playing with these stacking cups. He loves anything that he can stack or build. The cups also teach children hand eye coordination when they are trying to stack them.  Each cup also is in the shape of a sea creature, So around the edges is parts that make up a sea animal, such as a fish, crab, star fish and tortoise. Each part around the edge also has a different texture for baby to feel and touch.

Each cup is a sea creature


Cups stack inside each other


Cups stacked up


Little man has spent a lot of time playing with these cups and he loves stacking them. The cups are made of plastic so can also be used in the bath and as they are not to big they can be carried around if you are going out. The yellow spinning part on the top can be turned upside down, so when used in the bath you can put water in the cup and it falls through making the spinning part spin around. The retail price for this product is £6.99, which I think represents good value for money.

All in all we give these cups 5 out of 5. They are strong and can be used in many different ways and places. If you would like to see other toys from Bkids take a look at their website here

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