16th October 2012

Monday 15th October 2012. Gaslight Anthem

Well yesterday the other half and I got a rare opportunity to go out on our own for the day without little monkey. Little monkey loves being with his grandma and grandad, mainly as he gets his own way and gets spoilt. Anyway the other half and I really like a band called Gaslight Anthem, yesterday we had tickets to go to O2 Academy in Brixton to see them play live.

Grandad came over to pick little monkey up at 1, he then dropped us off at the train station. I was really looking forward to the day as i knew little man was in good hands and didn’t have to worry about if he needed changing or feeding or playing with him to keep him occupied. It was just the other half and I. The last time we went out together without little monkey was January this year so it was a really nice day which we were both looking forward to.

We decided to get the fast train there as it was only £2 more than getting the slow train. Just as we arrive into Kings cross we received a picture from Grandma. Was a picture of our little man and Grandad. They had gone to Bourne Woods, which made me really happy as our little man loves being outside. He will be outside at any opportunity he gets.

We then went to Covent Garden for some food and eats at an Italian called zizzi our favourite place to eat. The food is so delicious but its a bit on the pricy side. We decided as we dont get out on our own we would treat ourselves. So after eating and having a few drinks we headed over to Brixton for the gig. On our way to catch the underground to Brixton I just happened to look up and saw Justin Lee Collins walking past us. Was very surreal  seeing him. Hes very short. Anway…we were both so excited as we had been looking forward to this for such a long time. As were on O2 network on our phones we got guest passes and although there was a massive queue we got first entry. We stood near the front as we got first choice along with a few others who were on the O2 network.

There were a couple of people supporting the Gaslight Anthem these were Dave Hause and Blood Red Shoes. The gaslight came on about 2115 and the crowd went mad. Was such a great atmosphere in the academy.

Towards the end we walked to the back so we could get out first. The gig finished at 2300, the underground back to Kings Cross takes 20 minutes and then our train back to Peterborough was 2330, we were cutting it very fine and ran. We made it with 2 minutes to spare. Phew!! We had a great day.

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