1st July 2017

Why metal roofing could be the right fit for your property

Why metal roofing could be the right fit for your property…

Perhaps you’re creating an extension to give your family more space, or maybe you’re designing a new home from scratch. In either scenario, you need to put plenty of thought into the roofing material you choose for your property. Here, we take a look at a few of the reasons why metal might be the right fit.

Attractive and versatile
You no doubt want your finished roof to look the part, and when done well, metal roofing has the potential to really wow. There are various different types of metal to choose from and one of the most popular is a zinc-copper- titanium alloy. Offering a contemporary, chic appearance, this material can make the perfect addition to a modern home. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more classical, copper could be ideal. Over time, this traditional roofing material reacts with air to create a striking layer of green, called patina or verdigris. Metals like these are also versatile. As experts Peters Roofing point out, they can be used to create a variety of innovative architectural designs. So if you want a more unusually shaped roof, such as a dome or a pitched roof with a curved finish, metal might well be your best bet.

Quick and easy to install
Another advantage of metal roofing materials is the fact that they are easy to work with and don’t tend to take long to fit. They are often available in large, thin, lightweight panels, meaning they are quicker to install than alternatives like slates, shingles and thatch. Because they are light, they also typically need less support, which can simplify the building process. So, as long as your project is planned properly and you hire experienced roofers, you can expect a speedy and efficient installation – an important plus point if you’re trying to fit the installation around family life.

Long lasting and low maintenance
Metals are durable too. In fact, copper roofs have been known to last for hundreds of years, often outlasting the substrates that support them. These materials are resistant to rot, mildew, fire and insects. When fitted properly, they also offer impressive weatherproofing – sealing homes and protecting them from high winds, rain and snow.

The key when you’re choosing your roofing material, whether you decide to go for a type of metal or something else, is to do plenty of research and make sure you understand all your options. There’s lots of information available online, and you can get specialist guidance and insights from contractors.

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