19th August 2018

Me and My teeth

Ever since I was very young my teeth have always been quite crooked. When I was in secondary school is when it bothered me the most however now at the age of 31 it set something that worries me too much.

A little while ago I was watching a video about a friend of mine who had her teeth straightened and it got me thinking about mine again about mine. I get really scared of the dentist as it is so to go through everything to have my teeth straightened out really scares me.

I have been looking into different procedures and what I can and can’t have done and wow… how things have changed over the years. Everything is a lot less metal these days and a lot more invisible. I remember friends of mine who used to have the metal braces on and they didn’t look the best. It has got me thinking about other procedures as well.

For the last year I have a tooth which keeps on getting infected and apparently the nerve is basically dead and I have been advised to either have it out or have route canal. To me route canal does not seem like an option as it just sounds far to scary for me. To have the tooth out though is also something which I was struggling to deal with because it is at the side, when I smile you would see a massive gap where my tooth should be. After looking around on the internet I have found out that you can in fact have another tooth put back in its place which would look no different to my other teeth and no one would ever know it wasn’t my own tooth. If I were to go ahead with a dental implant after having my dead tooth removed it would never decay again, it would restore proper chewing and full strength of my bite back and most importantly it would feel like a real tooth.

At this moment in time I am really wanting to go ahead with having this tooth out and having an implant put in its place, I would then love to have the clear braces in order to make my teeth straight. I know a lot of people may wonder what the point is but if you have something with your appearance that kind of annoys you then it is something you may never be able to shake until you have it sorted out.

These procedures will all cost money but for me having a nice smile without potentially  a missing tooth and straight teeth would be amazing. It is something everyone sees when speaking to you and something which you will always notice on photos etc.

Do you have any experience with either of these procedures? If you do please do let me know below.

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