13th November 2016

Math Marks the spot review from Learning Resources

I am all for educational games that the kids can play with whilst learning at the same time. Learning Resources has so many fantastic products which do just this.

Math marks the spot is fun and educational and Little Man loves it. When it arrived he was off school sick but really wanted to play, so we had a quick go and he loved it. To be fair I had fun playing with it as well.

Math marks the spot consists of 3 large foam dice, the mat and coloured disks. The are many ways in which you can play and you can play in 2s or teams, it is possible to play by yourself as well. 2 of the dice have numbers 1-6 on them and the other has + and – on it.




We decided to play a nice easy game by just making sums and then the first player to get all their coloured disks on the mat was the winner. Little man rolled the numbered dice and then the + /- dice. We made the sum and then raced to get our disk on the correct number on the mat. We are both quite competitive but I had to reign it in a Little bit to give him a chance!! I bet you cant guess who won?

The mat is aimed at children aged 5-9, however younger and older can use this. The game promotes physical activity and co-operative game play. The instruction booklet included gives you many ideas of how to play different games with the mat, we have tried a couple out now and they are both brilliant.

Moving so fast to beat me the camera wouldn’t focus on him


The Mat measures 122cm by 152 cm so you will need quite a big space to be clear to play, we laid our mat down in the living room. It is made of plastic so is very easy to wipe clean should anything be spilt on it, a very regular occurrence in our house.

The RRP for this is £31.00 which is feel is a very fair price for what it is. I would definitely pay this price for it, and think the quality really shows. It would make a fab Christmas present, what’s better than leaning whilst having fun playing. Maths isn’t Little Mans strongest point at school, so I feel this is going to really help him along.





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5 responses to “Math Marks the spot review from Learning Resources”

  1. Claire Willmer says:

    This looks great fun love the number line to help to 🙂

  2. bella smyth says:

    This looks great fun and fab for little people

  3. Wendy Jones says:

    love it. fun and educational too

  4. Gill Mitchell says:

    What a great way to get little ones interested in maths

  5. Looks fantastic and would definitely help learning numbers

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