10th November 2014

MAM Manual Breast pump review

As most of you know we have recently had a new addition to our family. I was given the opportunity to review the MAM manual breast pump. I have never used a manual pump before so was really excited to see how well it worked. It has been voted winner of the mother and Baby god award so I knew it must be really good.






Whats included….?

1x manual breast pump

1x160ml anti colic bottle

1x130ml anti colic bottle

2x sealing discs

2x slow flow teets



This breast pump is fantastic, it is a really comfy fit around your breast. It isn’t to tight and after having it on for a couple of minutes you don’t really feel it there. The funnel part that goes on the breast rotates 360 degrees which is great if your moving about whilst expressing. There are also 4 small cushions on the funnel to help with comfort whilst on the breast. After all we all need it to be comfy, you know how much the breast can hurt when full of milk. I found it worked so well, it didn’t take long at all to express enough milk to feed Bubs and have some left for stores for later.

You can change the strength of the pump with the comfort adjuster. This allows you to choose for it to pump milk faster or slower which is a really great feature of this breast pump. When you put the funnel around your breast the hole is big enough so your nipple does not touch the back of the funnel.

You can pump directly into the MAM anti colic bottle or into the storage bottle for a later feed. When pumping into the bottle you simply screw it off the pump and screw on the teet to feed baby straight from the anti colic bottle.

It took me about 20 minutes to get 4-5oz which was fine as I would get enough for a couple of feeds. I would then store what was not needed in the fridge until later.

The MAM breast pump is small and very portable. I absolutely love the fact it just fits in my bag and I can take it anywhere with me. No need to worry about not having enough milk as you will have the pump with you. It is great for if you breast-feeding and expressing or just expressing.

sterilizing is really easy just unscrew all of the parts and sterilise, however you do not need to sterilise the handle.


My thoughts on the MAM manual breast pump…

I love it, it’s so comfy and easy to use. It’s small and portable enough to take anywhere with you. It doesn’t take to long to get enough milk and I found that it takes no longer than the electric one I used with my first child.

If you are thinking of buying a pump then really give this one a go. I’ve got a couple of friends who have other cheaper ones and they are not comfy on the breast at all. I really can’t fault this pump and I have carried on expressing longer than I maybe would have done due to it being so easy and comfy to use.

You can buy this set on the MAM website current price is £38 which is great value for money.



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  1. Alana Walker says:

    I have always used an automatic pump but find them so noisy and its a pain having to be near a socket to use it. This one sounds great, I will definitely check it out. Thanks for the review.x

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