25th July 2016

Lucky Voice Karaoke Review

Who doesn’t love Karaoke?? Doug and I have always loved karaoke and we used to sing into a hairbrush using the karaoke songs on Virgin Tv, that was until was had the chance to review The Lucky Voice karaoke kit.

What’s included in the kit…


What you will need to use the kit…

The microphones come in 4 different colours, blue, pink, silver and gold so there is a fab choice. You can plug 2 microphones in at once so if you are doing a duet you can both have a microphone. The 2nd microphone would have to be purchased separately for £20 each.

Once you are all plugged into your speakers and laptop (the instructions are really simple to follow) you are ready to set up an account and unleash your best singing voice. It is really easy to set up an account and this gives you access to hundreds of songs.

The songs…

So you can selected a song by Artist, Genre or decade.

Under genre you can select…

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 21.27.41

Under decades you can choose from…

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 21.27.51

There is also an option for free search within the app. So from Frozen to Grease to Up Town Funk whatever takes your fancy there is a massive variety to choose to from.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 21.28.40


The Verdict…

We absolutely LOVE it. It is great for parties, having friends over, kids or just for something different to do. We usually use it at the weekends with the kids, or when we have had friends over. We have had so many laughs already with this kit and I know we will continue to use it for years. Little Man loves singing the kids songs especially the Peppa Pig Bing Bong song. As a family we would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to have a bit of fun at home with karaoke.

The kit is £50 (gold microphone kit £60) the £20 for any extra microphones you may want. You then need to pay monthly to subscribe to the songs or buy a 6 month subscription £29 or 1 year £59.

Do you love karaoke as much as we do? If you are reading this thinking it is something you would like, then I have a code for you to trial the app for free. Use code BLOGGINGMUMMY





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