4th March 2013

Love Pickle Review

My partner and I both love any hot and spicy food. We love hot curry’s and any opportunity to have something spicy we have it. So when I found out about Love Pickle, I could not wait to try some.
Love Pickle is a new authentic Indian chilli tomato pickle. It aims at bringing a taste of India to mealtimes. There is a pickle to suit everyone. You can choose from Mild, Medium, Hot or Extra hot. We choose the Hot one. Now I know we love hot spicy food, but I did think the extra hot would blow our heads off.

Love Pickle.


Mild– is great for those who love dips with a curry, would go great served with poppadoms.

Medium–  Is a strong spiced flavour, also great as a dip.

Hot– Is great if you want to add an extra bit of hotness to your food. You can mix it in with a curry to give it that extra kick.

Extra Hot–  Has 50% more chillies  and is great for anyone who… well loves it EXTRA HOT!!

The pickles are all handmade from the very finest ripe tomatoes, fresh chillies, garlic, ginger, mustard, oil and seeds plus herbs and spices.

Depending on which pickle you have, depends on what you do with it. We decided to try the hot one. The pickle comes in a lovely glass jar. I was so excited to try the pickle I opened it as soon as it arrived. I didn’t just try a little bit, I put a big bit on my finger and eat it. WOW is all I can say. The flavour is amazing but while tasting the lovely flavours in my mouth, my mouth was almost exploding. It was very hot and that is coming from someone who loves spicy food.

We decided to try the pickle with a curry as a dip. We had poppadoms and a raita ready just in case. The other and myself Had the pickle with poppadoms and a bit of raita on it as well. It was lovely. We really enjoyed the pickle with our curry and it is something that will be on the table every time we have a curry. We are yet to use the pickle with any other meals. Personally I think if you are wanting to use one of the pickles in a wider variety of foods, the mild one may be better. I would love to see how hot the Extra Hot is, but I do honestly think my head would explode. All in all we love this pickle and it tastes amazing, my partner and I would both recommend it.

Mmmmm Yummy!


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