10th June 2020

Lockdown Birthday

During lockdown out of our family of 4 we have celebrated 3 birthdays, Dougs 40th, my 33rd and Archies 9th. It has sure been hard knowing what to do to try to make these days special, especially as they were all during the height of full lockdown.

I had to wrack my brain for ideas on what to do for Doug’s 40th, Its a special birthday and I was so sad because I had some really big plans to take him away and make it really special. After searching the Internet I came up with the idea of hiring a Supercar for the weekend, but it would have to be a little while after his birthday.

So after contacting Nik at Supercar Experiences, sorting out which car to hire, lock down eased and we have an Aston Martin DB11 on our drive. Doug had absolutely no idea, I had told him he was getting something which he couldn’t have on his actual birthday and he would have to wait a few weeks. We wound him up saying it may be wing walking, sky diving and many other scary experiences.

Doug was absolutely over the moon with the car, we had such a fun weekend taking the car out and to make it better the weather was amazing all weekend.

I paid for this hire myself however if you would like to do something like this for a special occasion or ‘just because’ please do contact Nik or visit the website to see what Supercars you can hire, there is just about every super car you could want. Nik has been hiring out Super cars since 2003 and the process of hire is really simple, his reviews speak for themselves.

We will definitely be hiring another car at some point, just when we are out of this pandemic and can really make use of the car. I am also hoping to hire the Bentley Continental GTC V8S for my Dad for his Birthday. I know my Dad would also love something like this, I also know he doesn’t read my blog so don’t worry the surprise will not be spoilt 🙂

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