20th July 2015

Living on a budget

I am now at the point of receiving no money from work due to being on maternity leave for over 9 months. I was on full pay for 6 months, then 6-9 I was on statutory pay and now 9 – 12 months I receive nothing. Although we can live on hubby’s money I have decided to try to budget and shop more carefully. I am giving us a £50 a week challenge and really have no idea how we will do.

We have been spending £100+ a week and a lot of it is on stuff we really do not need. I am going to be making cut backs and next week I shall be sharing with you all how we got on.

Wish us luck as I think we really do need it. I need to be strict and only buy what we need. I really hope to do this challenge and even when I am back on my full-time wage in August I hope to carry this on.


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