19th January 2016

Little Man and School

I haven’t really updated on how Little Man has been getting on at school. I am so proud of how far he has come since starting school in September. It is crazy to think he is already in his second term now and seems like an age since he first started. Little Man is flourishing in school and loves going in every day. We never have any problems with him wanting to go and he is always so happy to see me at the end of school and tell me all about his day.

He is learning so much and I am amazed every day to see what new things he has been learning. He knows how to spell and write his name amongst many other words now. He reads a book to me every night, I help him with the harder words however his reading has really come on. He is sounding out letters and words using his phonics and I love to watch how he is coming on.

He has made so many new friends and is always telling me about what they have been playing at school and funny little things they have been doing. We also hear a lot about a couple of naughty ones. Every school has a couple of naughty ones, luckily it isn’t Little Man.

He loves his teach and the 2 teaching assistants in his class. He is always coming home with a sticker saying that he has been helping out, tidying up, eaten all of his lunch etc.

This week I was SO Proud of him. At school there is a reward system where each child moves up and down onto different levels. So the very bottom is a dungeon, if you end up here you are going to see the head mistress. The very top is a treasure chest and if you get here then you get to choose a present out of the treasure box. Well Little Man came home on Friday and had got to the treasure chest and he got to choose a present. He chose a pencil-case which was a great choice as his other one had just broken. He also got a certificate which he is so proud of and I am even more proud of him. I was beaming for hours after as I was so proud of my Little first-born baby boy.

Overall school is going great and I hope it keeps on going good. I hope Little Man keeps going from strength to strength.


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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Well done your boy! It sounds like he is doing so well!

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