1st July 2015

Lights by TENA Mummy SOS Survival Kit

Bladder weakness is something anyone can suffer from. However after having a baby this is something many Mum’s have problems with. Even after doing pelvic exercises that I was told to do things just aren’t the same. Yes I had 2 c-sections but your muscles are still weakened whilst baby is pushing down during pregnancy.



Tena created a lovely Mummy survival Kit to help Mum’s out.

In a lovely bag tena sent me a pink personalised Apron, Pack of Tena lites, gel foot cushions, dry shampoo, hand sanitiser, packet of teapigs which is tea infused with chocolate and bio oil.

The kit is designed to help out busy Mum’s who don’t always have time to do everything they would like to.

When your body changes… Bio oil is designed to help improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars and skin imperfections. This is especially useful during and after having a baby

When dinner time turns into a food fight… The personalised apron is great to quickly pop on if you haven’t had time to change from smart clothes. Mummy are always rushing about so the last thing you need is more washing from the food stains on your clothes.

When your out and about…The hand sanitiser is great for when your out and about. If you children or yourself want to eat, pop some of the gel on about away you eat.

When you have too much energy… When your children are running riot and your running around after them. The gel foot cushions will really help your feet out.

When there aren’t enough hours in the morning… If you don’t have time to wash you hair, dry shampoo is great. If I just need to pop to the shops and haven’t time to wash and dry my hair, it’s so easy to pop dry shampoo in.

When your feeling the strain… When the kiddies are in bed its time for me time. Its time to indulge in chocolate tea. Who doesn’t like chocolate?? All Mum’s love a cuppa tea so what better than to mix the two.

I think all of these things in this survival kit will be so useful for me. If you would like to try a free sample of Tena lies you can so HERE


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