6th August 2018

Lifestyle changes for a healthier you.

Since having the boys I have found it really hard to get back to the weight I was before hand. Since this beautiful weather has been with us in the UK I have decided I really need to make some big changes to get me back into shape and just lead a more healthy lifestyle. Here are a few small things I have changed to make myself happier and healthier.

  1. DRINK MORE WATER – I have bought myself a new water bottle to help me drink more water. For some reason I always find it a lot easier to drink water from a water bottle than just filling up a glass to drink from. I fill my bottle about 3 times a day sometimes more, add some ice cubes and just drink it over time. I have found that it has already made a difference to the way I feel. Before I could go all day and not drink any water or squash, I would live on cups of tea. Since drinking more water I never feel thirsty, I do however have to make sure I am not to far away from the toilet! This is the water bottle that I am using, I love that it has the times on it so I can make sure I am keeping on track. I am however drinking a lot faster than the time at the moment with this heat wave.

2. WALKING MORE – Rather than just jumping in my car to go everywhere I actually walk to a lot more places now. Since moving home we are so close to the shops. I wouldn’t think twice about getting in the car to go but now I made an effort to walk over. We also try to get out more as a family, after dinner we will go for a walk and the boys love to go either on their scooters or bikes. We also have an amazing country park so close to where we live. At weekends we spend a lot of time here, walking around the lakes, doing the nature trail and the kids love it.

3. EATING HEALTHIER – One big change we have made is to go from white bread to            brown bread. We have been eating brown bread for about a year now and before this I had always hated it. It is actually fine and I enjoy it more than I ever did white bread. We eat a lot more salads especially at the moment whilst we are experiencing this heat wave in the UK. A salad doesn’t just have to be lettuce, cucumber, tomato and peppers. Try mixing it up a bit with a water melon salad, or adding mango. Try different sauces or add nuts to a rocket salad. It really does make each salad so much different and this way it won’t get boring for you. Cutting the fat off meat and not eating so many packets of crisps or chocolate ha ha!

4. FRUIT AND VEG – I always make sure we stock up on fruit and veg and I try to                         have at least 3 pieces of fruit a day and try to have veg with our evening meal. If it is getting towards the end of the day and I haven’t had my fruit, I find a smoothie is a great way of getting lots of fruit or veg eaten. Just a quick search online and there are hundreds of veg smoothies and fruit smoothies that are so quick and easy to make. If you are looking for a blender then check out My Juicer they have a huge range of different blenders and juicers to help you on your way. I would absolutely love a juice for fresh orange juice, just can’t beat a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice with breakfast.

Hope some of these tips may be of help to you. If you have recently made any of the above changes please do let me know. Hopefully it has had a positive impact for you.

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