29th October 2012

Lemon and Lime Chicken with Egg Fried Rice

I have said before in previous posts, I really am not the best of cooks. Before I got together with my other half I really didn’t do a lot of cooking. Then we got together and he is a great cook. I was really intimidated by his cooking to start with. He is so good I thought what ever I cook will not be anywhere near as good, so I hated cooking. After a while I decided rather than being scared of cooking, i would watch him and start cooking. We all have to learn and start somewhere.

I started doing bolognase and chili, making my own sauces. It tasted really good, even the other half said how good they tasted. He kept saying he was proud of the progress I was making with my cooking and how good my food was tasting. His positive comments gave me the drive to try different things and things I would never of thought about attempting to cook before.

One of the thing I cook now which we both love is Lemon and Lime chicken. I found this great video and recipe and it tastes amazing. It even tells you how to make egg friend rice if you don’t know how to cook that. I would like to share this link with you as this is one of a favourites.

If you try this let me know what you think.


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