8th August 2016

Learning to tell the time with Orchard Toys

Over the last month Little Man has shown a massive interest in learning to tell the time. He kept asking me to shown him different times on the clock and he would always ask me what the time was whilst looking at the clock.

I started off by drawing clocks for him and then the opportunity came along for us to review Tell the time from orchard toys. What better way than learning to tell the time than with Orchard Toys.


As you will know from my many other Orchard Toys reviews, they are such great quality learning games. Little Man loves them and Bubs is starting to play a few now.

Tell the time is a lotto type game that really kept Little Man interested. At one point we ended up playing 5 times over because he loved it so much.

The game is designed to…

In the box…


This fab game can be played 2 ways and the aim of the game is the first person to fill their board with the matching times and pictures.

Each person selects a board, Little Man and I had 2 each as it was just us playing. We then first of all decided to use the side with the time and pictures. (the other side of the board is just the clock with a time) The 24 cards are then placed face down, each player takes a turn to select a card. If the player selects a card and that time/picture is on their board they then put that card on their board.

The winner is the first person to fill their board.



Each time Little Man picked a card up I asked him what the time was on the card, this just gets him thinking each time and gets him learning whilst having fun playing the game.

Once your child is a little better at telling the time you can use the other side of the board with just the clock pictures on them. I don’t think Little Man is quite ready for this side yet but I know it wont be long.

Along with Build a Beetle this is another Orchard toys game that will be being packed to come to Cyprus with us. This game is currently priced at £7.50 and can be bought direct from Orchard Toys.

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12 responses to “Learning to tell the time with Orchard Toys”

  1. Polly Davies says:

    ah, we had this for my girls years ago! Great game x

  2. orchard toys are fab games aren’t they? this sounds like a great one for school aged children

  3. We are obsessed with OT and I keep meaning to buy this. It will be perfect for Jack over the next year as he starts reception in Sept x

  4. alanaperrin says:

    This looks like great fun! My little one loves pointing out clocks, so I’ll remember this game for when he’s old enough to start leaning to tell the time.
    Alana x

  5. Candace says:

    Big fan of orchard toys. Alwayd fun but educational at the same time

  6. Emma says:

    We love Orchard toys games. J has a clock book he’s really interested in so this would be great.

  7. Kerry Norris says:

    These look like a great way to learn to tell the time. We’ve actually not got any orchard games which is silly as all I hear is great things about them x

  8. I love games like this as they are not only super fun but get kids learning too.

  9. Tanita says:

    Aw I love games like this with my two, I recently brought the Bus game, and you have to pick up the passengers on the way around. I definitely think this would be great for Sophia and helping her to tell the time. xx

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