16th June 2016

Learning Resources Kids Camp Set

All children love building and playing in Dens and I remember as a child I loved it. I have built many play dens with Little Man since he was really young and he has always loved it. What better time than to build a den with your child than this week for national den building week. A couple of chairs and a couple of blankets make for a perfect den.


Learning resources also have the perfect accessories for any child to use. We were lucky enough to be sent the Pretend and Play camp set and I have to say it’s fantastic.

In the box is…

First aid box
lantern which lights up (betteries needed)
Utensil set with built in compass
cooking stove which also lights up
Plastic cup
Drinks bottle


The accessories are made of plastic and are of very good qualit,y Little Man especially loved playing with these in the den I built him. The toys can be used inside a den or outside for pretend camping. I know that when Bub’s is older he will love playing with these as well. I love the way the camping stove and lantern light up you will need 2xAA batteries for each.  The lights just make them a little bit more realistic and more fun.

I would highly recommend this set for any child to have hours of fun with from age 3+.




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  1. Being happy campers that looks so much fun

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