2nd May 2013

Learning Resources Count and Colour Review

learning resources

A little while ago we given the opportunity to review something for Learning Resources. We choose to review the count and colour electronic flash card. The reason being little man is currently learning numbers and colours. He knows 4 different colours and he can count to ten, even though he always misses out number 4. I though this would be perfect. The ages range is 3 -7 years old but my little man is 2 and can use it very easily.

Count and Colour Electronic Flash Card

count adn colour

When it Arrived little Man couldn’t wait to get the little handheld toy out and have a go with it. The Flash Card helps you to firstly learn colours. The voice will say a colour and the child has to press the correct colour. The colours are red, green, blue,orange, yellow and purple. The second settings is counting, so one of the colours will light up and the voice says 1 the child then has to press the colour that lights up, then another colour will light up and say 2, the child then has to press 1 and then 2 and so on and so on.

Little Man playing with the colours setting


My little man loves this and its a great little electronic learning toy.

All of the learning Resource products are educational, great quality and a good way of making learning fun. I absolutely love anything that my son can learn from in a fun way so he dosen’t even realise he is learning. The good thing about this product is it can be taken anywhere. You child can take it out with them, in the car play at home with it.

The check out some other fantastic products from Learning Resources have a look HERE at their website. The have fantastic sections from learning to Motor skills, social and emotional skills to sensory awareness. It endless and all the products are such great quality.

The product retails for £17.95 and I think this is really good value. My little man has already had a lot of fun with it and it has taught him 2 colours that he didn’t know which I think is fantastic.




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