11th December 2012

Learning Resources Answer Buzzers Review


Last week I got sent these answer buzzers from learning Resources. My first thought was they looked great. Nice bright colours, blue, green, orange and purple. The sounds the buzzers make are… Doorbell, boxing bell, boing and honking horn.

The purpose of these buzzers is you can ask questions and your child can buzz in with the answer buzzers, its like they are on their own game show. I did the review with my niece and nephew who are 6 and 9. I told them we were going to do some learning with a twist. The minute I said it was like buzzing in on a game show they had me as the host and they were the contestants. I asked them questions and they had to buzz in with the buzzer they had chosen.


These buzzers are designed for children between 3 and 12. I think they are perfect to make learning more fun and encourage your children to want to learn. My niece and nephew thought they were great and kept telling me to ask more questions. The buzzers are also great to use in schools.

My little man is only 19months old so he’s a bit young for them at the minute, but he loves the sounds they make and keeps on pressing them.  With him I have found a second use for them. I put them out in a line and we go through the colours, he already knew blue so when I say blue he can point and press the blue one. The other colours were still working on, but this shows there are many uses for these answer buzzers.

Learning Resources are giving 5 sets of these buzzers away, all you need to do is go to their face book page here and enter the competition. GOOD LUCK.

Disclosure – I have been sent this product to review. I have in no way received any payment for doing this review, I was however able to keep the product once I had reviewed it. All words and views in this post are my own and I have have not been influenced in any way.

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