20th July 2016

Krispy Kreme Peterborough

I was so lucky to be invited to the opening of the brand spanking new Krispy Kreme Store last week. What an invite this was it has to be among the best hey?

I was invited down last Monday for a VIP night before the grand opening which was last Wednesday. I met some really lovely people and had a fab night. We had a wonderful tour behind the scenes and even had chance to make our own doughnuts which was an experience (not as easy as it looks)




These are the ones I made, wonder if these would pass quality control?


The new store is wonderful, every table has access to a plug socket so you can sit, work and eat doughnuts what could be better?

Make sure if you are in the area you pop over, even if its 2am you wont have missed out. The drive thru is open 24/7, so if it’s the new Nutella you fancy or the origin glazed your never too late. Just a side note… The Nutella one is AMAZING!

You can also choose from a huge choice of drinks to go with your doughnuts, my absolute favourite is the Caramel Biscoff Kreme Shake. I just know I will be a regular visitor and will certainly be letting work know it is a good meeting place.


Did you know that you can hold a children’s birthday party here too? The children get to go behind the scenes and see how the doughnuts are made, they also get to have a go at making their own. Please ask in your local store for more details about this, you find your nearest store here

If you are still unsure or are someone who has never visited before and wonder what all the hype is about… take a look below.






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