29th September 2020

Kids Tiny Tipi Birthday

I have found this year has been very difficult to have any kind of birthday celebration. Doug had his 40th Birthday in April which was the height of lockdown, Archie was May so also in lockdown, then I was also May. I then had high hopes that Maxwell may just be able to have some kind of small party but again that wasn’t meant to be with the rule of 6 coming into force a few days before his birthday.

I decided that I needed to do something for his birthday but something that could be inclusive of both boys. Tiny Tipi Parties was the perfect idea and by gosh it went down a storm. Just look how beautiful this set up is, I couldn’t have asked for any more from a lockdown birthday.

Charlotte and her Father came to our house and set up these beautiful tipis with all the decorations for the boys to have a fun sleep over. There were many different themes to choose, from Unicorns to little adventures and Superheroes. The Tipis are amazing and perfect for a little birthday sleepover and lots of fun beforehand too. The boys loved playing with the little explores accessories. Each Tipi comes with an inflatable bed, the tipi, we had a sleeping bag each with little explores set and the lights around the Tipi are such a nice little touch for night time.

For anyone worried about Covid, Charlotte and her Dad both wear masks when coming into your home. All items are sanitised and washed before and after use to make sure everything is safe for your children. There are up to a maximum of 10 Tipis that can go out at one time. Watch out close to Christmas as well as I have heard there is a fantastic Christmas theme coming soon.

If you think this is something you would be interested in why not Pop over to the Tiny Tipi Party facebook page. You can have a look through the themes and pick one to suit your needs.

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