10th November 2020

Kids Christmas Gift ideas 2020

I can speak on behalf of 99.9% of the population of the UK by saying that this year is very much a different and unique year. With Christmas just around the corner I wanted to give you a few ideas of gifts for children this Christmas. I guess many of us will be doing shopping online with us currently being back in lockdown in England. So if you are struggling to find inspiration then here are a few things to think about.

Zimplin Kids
Gelli baff, Slime baff, Gelli worlds and Gelli spa. If you have kids the chances are you have heard of at least one of these and most likely bought one of the products. Since the Slime craze took off a few years back it has gone from strength to strength in the craze with kids (and adults) Zimplin Kids now do Gelli worlds, the kits include a blow up pool and toys relating to the pack you buy, from Dinos to Snow and Fantasy.

All of the products are non toxic and safe for younger children. The products are so easy to use by simply adding water to make the slime or gel. What I wasn’t aware of is the fact they also do baff bombz and with super cute ones that give off rainbow colours they are a perfect stocking stuffer. For many more products please check out the Zimplin Kids website.

Pencilly family game
I am sure this is going to be the game of Christmas 2020. We had the best laugh playing this game and any amount of player can play, young or old everyone can play. For the full review take a look at my review blog post here

GPS Kidsnav watch
If your child is at the age of going out and about on their own then this could be the perfect gift to give them that freedom and yet still giving the parents piece of mind. Kidsnav watches use GPS signal and the parent can check where the child is through a phone app. for the full review please check out my post here. We have one of these for my oldest son and also my youngest who is 6. The watches do not need to just be for children who are looking for freedom, there are great to wear on days out when we all know you can turn your head for a second and the child has ran off. Simply get the app out and look where the GPS signal is.

Glow Art Drawing Pad
This is a fantastic present idea for children of any age. The clear board and 4 fluorescent markers included will bring out the imagination of give hours of fun. You can draw freehand on the pad and then turn the light on to show the drawing light up, or you can pop the pad over a tablet and trace a picture. You can draw on both sides and simply wipe off with a cloth once you want to start again. You can be as artistic as you want and the sky is the limit with this light up kids drawing board.

Sing my name
Sing my name are personalised kids gifts that sing’s your child’s name, from Alarm clocks to fluffy dogs and monkeys. The alarm clock will speak the name you enter at purchase saying Hey xxxxx time to wake up, it then bursts into song reminding your child to brush their teeth. You can see a video here of it singing Amelia. Its a novelty that kids will love and the catchy song is enough to get anyone waking up in a good mood.

Hope this has given you some ideas for gifts this Christmas and indeed other occasions such as Birthdays.

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