10th May 2017

KidloLand review: The app for kids

Both of my children have access to Ipads and I am not ashamed to admit they use them quite a lot. Sometimes they use them to go on Youtube but most of the time they play on apps which are educational for them.

There is quite a bit controversy around children using Ipads and tablets however if they are using them and learning at the same time I see no problem myself. I am not a perfect parent and I simply don’t have time to sit learning with both kids all the time. Don’t get me wrong we sit down and do homework with Little Man and he does a lot of homework books. Bubs is simply not old enough to sit down and do learning out of a book though so the IPad is just fantastic. There is one particular app which is absolutely fantastic and it is KidloLand.

KidloLand Land has so many activities to choose from the kids never get bored of it. With over 95 classic nursery rhymes, phonics, learning through games and over 300 activities it really is (in my personal opinion) the best learning app for kids.

Everything to do with the app is child friendly and I absolutely love the bright colours used through the app. In fact I have found myself having a go at some of the activities when I was looking through the app. The Ipad can simply come anywhere with us and with KidloLand loaded onto it the kids will constantly be learning whilst playing on the games, they don’t even realise they are learning.

When your children are listening to the nursery rhymes the words come up along the bottom of the screen and they can also touch parts of the picture. So below you can touch the black and white dog and it runs off, so the nursery rhymes are very interactive to keep the attention of the child.

The main learning points within the app are …

The activities then include…

This award winning app is aimed at children 5 and under and you can tell it has been very specifically designed with young children in mind. We would 100% recommend this app and it has really helped both of my children. You can download part of the app for free to see if you like it, If you do which I am sure the kids will love it you can buy the app for the year. You do have to a pay a yearly subscription but it honestly is so worth the money.

Below both of my boys enjoying this app. Although Little Man is now 6 he still enjoys playing and helping out his little brother.


You can download the app from Amazon app store, google play and Apple.

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8 responses to “KidloLand review: The app for kids”

  1. We love Kidloland. I have our own review to do this week, the children love it and it’s saved my sanity a few times too!

  2. Dean B says:

    Have never tried Kidloland. I think I’ll check it out. Your boys definitely look like they love the app 🙂 So much concentration going on 🙂

  3. Jenni says:

    KidloLand is fab! We reviewed it ages ago and after the subscription ran out I bought it for another year. Well worth the money x

  4. Kara says:

    I limit the time the kids have on the ipad but I would rather they played games like this than watching things on youtube

  5. I like the sound of an interactive app for nursery rhymes. Will check the app out.

  6. I’m not worried about the amount of screen time my kids have, they need to be confident with technology so this app looks great for learning

  7. My 6 yr old is addicted to her tablet as well! I do think there are a lot of great apps out there that are really useful and educational.

  8. My kids use the Ipad a lot too, and we are always looking for things that help them learn and are fun. This sounds perfect

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