12th October 2015

keeping you and your house warm in the winter

The nights are pulling in and the cold wintry weather is on its way. The last couple of weeks we have really felt the cold mornings, then by afternoon it is almost shorts weather again. I remember as a child my dad always said no radiators before October, so now it is October I feel Ok to put our heating on. I no longer live at home but I always feel bad putting them on before October. So here are a few tips written in collaboration with Best Electrical Radiators for keeping warm this winter.

Extra layers…

If like me you don’t like putting your heating on too early you can always warm up by putting on extra layers. An extra jumper, or snuggle up with a duvet on the sofa. Who doesn’t love a duvet day/evening.

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Putting your heating on…

Once it gets too cold you will have to use your heating. There is no better feeling than coming out from the cold outside and into a lovely warm house. We have gas heating and I usually en up sticking it up really hot and every one moans that it is way to hot. Always make sure there has been no air built up in your system over the winter. Some radiators will not heat up equally top to bottom, if this is the case just get a radiator key and let the air out. You should notice a massive difference straight away. Always make sure the heating if off though when doing this.


You can also have Electrical Radiators that are very efficient and can save up to 50% on heating bills. Id love to be able t save up to 50% on heating bills as using the gas central heating can become very expensive.

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Block Drafts…

Something a lot of houses suffer with can be drafts. You put your heating on only for it to go out of gaps under doors, or for cold air to come under. If you use a draft excluder your will be more efficient by stopping to cold coming in and the warm escaping. We have used draft excluders for a few years now and they make a massive difference in our house.

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I have only heard about others doing this and have not tired it myself. If you put tinfoil behind your radiators especially if they are on a cold external wall it can reflect the heat and make it warmer. Id love to hear from you if you have tried this and if it makes a difference.

Close Doors…

Always close doors when you can. We always make sure the bedroom doors and bathroom for is always kept shut. The same downstairs too, this then stops any breeze coming through the whole house. it all helps in keeping your home warmer on those cold wintery days and nights.


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