27th March 2020

Keeping positive during lockdown

I have decided to share a few tips to keep you all upbeat during this very uncertain time we currently find our selves living in. Who would have thought that March 2020 we would find our selves being totally lockdown, no school, essential work only and just living in a totally surreal way. We are living in a History lesson that in years to come will be taught in schools and spoken about forever more.

We are as many of you know a family of 4. Doug is lucky that reworks from home, the kids are off school and so we find ourselves together 24/7. This is also likely to be the case for at least the next 3 weeks however I don’t see the kids going back to school before September 2020.

We love being outside exploring as a family come rain or shine non of us like staying in doors. At first I thought staying inside would be a really big challenge however it really isn’t. We all know this is for our own safety and health and because of that staying in really isn’t a challenge at all. There is no choice in this matter and it is out of our control.

I am now learning to homeschool the boys which I thought would be challenging also, but with so many online resources including twinkl which is now free for 30 days its been so easy.

So here are a few Dos and Dont’s for lockdown.

Don’t travel

Do have fun together

Do keep in touch with friends and family through FaceTime, Skype, Zoom etc

Do make learning fun whilst homeschooling. We are NOT sticking to a regimented schedule. We are going with the flow and seeing what works for us best. We will have plenty of time I think to see what works best.

Don’t worry if one day is a write off with learning, its all new to us

Don’t worry about too much screen time. Its a hard time and screen time can help calm situations and give some time out.

Do take things slow

Do speak to your children incase they have any worries or concerns. Children worry as well and sometimes a simple chat with them can ease their worries about what is going on.

Don’t always watch the news (although hard, have some time off devices)

Do stay inside and please don’t mix with anyone outside your family home

Don’t stockpile, whilst I understand it is hard not to stockpile when everyone else is. If we all stop doing this then there will be plenty for everyone.

Do be silly, do silly things that make you laugh, dance, sing, act like a fool its all light hearted and fun.

My last thing is to stay positive. Do understand this will not last forever, things will get better and life will resume. Although our new normal may well not be as we knew it before this, life will get back on track.

You can check on my Youtube channel for a day in our new life of homeschooling.

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