22nd April 2017

Keeping Kids active at home and school

Keeping kids active at home and school these days is a big thing. Staying fit, active and eating healthy is something which is drummed into us all the time. As a family getting out and about and staying active is something we are very good at, luckily the kids love being out in the fresh air. Being out and about doesn’t always mean spending lots of money on days out.

A few facts… Did you know that 1 in 3 children between the age of 2 and 10 are over weight and over 1000 children being referred to hospital due to being obese. This really is alarming and we should really be trying to control this before it goes to far. I am going to share with you a few ways n which you can stay active with the kids whilst still having lots and lot of fun.

  1. Going for a walk… Most people will live somewhere near a park or open space. You can go for a walk, take a football and have a kick about, play frisbee the list is endless. Just taking a football to the park can be so much fun for kids or going to climb tress is getting them out and about which is far better than staying in front of the TV or Ipad.
  2. Swimming… Lots of kids love swimming and you can always go once every week or twice a month for the kids to have a splash about. My kids always seem to burn off so much energy when we go swimming and are always so tired (and hungry) once we get out of the pool. You can take floats and weighted batons to play with,  Little man loves diving under to pick up the weighed batons.

  1. Bike rides… Family bike rides can be so much fun, we all have bikes and really don’t get out on them enough. Doug has a bike which he hooks a child’s trailer up to for Bubs.  My bike has a metal pole to hook Little Mans bike up to, although he can ride his bike without stabilizers he isn’t great yet.
  2. Play garden games… This one will need you spend some money but you can pick garden games up really cheap. Maybe buy some boules or a cricket set, badminton racquets or a trampoline. What ever it is you can afford or the size of your garden will allow. You can then get outside in your own garden and play the games you have. Little man love playing cricket in the garden and is always asking to go out and play even when it is raining. Although garden games wont see you burn off that much energy it is surprising how tired kids will get after a day outside n the garden playing games.
  3. Being active isn’t just for at home… Not only do kids need to be active at home, they also need to be pretty active at school. Children spend 6 hours a day in school and at play time they really need somewhere or something that they can use to let off steam. When children have a PE lesson 68% of the time is spent being stationary. ESP is a Lancashire based company which specialises in providing outdoor playground equipment for schools. the equipment is not just a piece of kit to play on but is also educational at the same time. If you know the school you use is looking for new equipment or maybe even an after school club ESP is a great company to check out, even if you work for the school or are a parent governor, it is worth mentioning ESP the leading provider for school playground equipment in the UK.  There is literally an endless amount of different equipment to choose from… from educational play equipment to science and maths outside equipment.

6. Have a family sports day… It really is great to have a get together with the family. Rather than just sitting around chatting, eating and drinking why not have a family sports day. Tug of war, running, throwing there are so many activities you can do. We did this a few years ago but also decided to do it in fancy dress. Yes our family are mad but who cares it was so much fun, especially the space hopper racing.

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  1. crummymummy1 says:

    Our school is 4 miles away & only partially on a bus route so the kids are forced to walk on a daily basis. They love it luckily! #bestandworst

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