21st October 2020

Keep track of your kids

Are your children at that age where they are wanting independence and to go out with friends but not quite old enough? Well we are in that situation at the moment.

Our eldest is 9 years old and we live within a 2 minute walk to our local park. He has been asking to see his friends over there for a few months now but I was to worried to let him go. It was at this point I decided to look online for some kind of GPS item he could take with him so I could track him on my phone. I came across Kidsnav and to be honest I am so glad I did.

Kidsnav make kids GPS watches and they are fantastic. I ordered Archie one straight away and it arrived the next day. When the watch arrived all I had to do was download an app on my phone which is free, link the watch up, add any credit you like to the SIM card which comes with the watch for the phone part and away you go. It tracks where you child is, how many steps they have walked, it has an SOS button incase they are in trouble and it calls your phone to alert you. The child can call and text from the watch and I have to admit I didn’t have the highest hopes for the voice quality on the phone part but it is actually really good and very clear when speaking.

We were kindly sent a second watch for my youngest son as well. Although he is only 6 and we will not be letting him out on his own, the watch is still great for days out. We all know how easy it is to turn your head away for just a second and when you look back your child is gone. They like to explore and forget they can’t just walk off, this is great for times like these because all you need to do is open up the app and go and find your child. It can stop all the panic of wondering what has happened to your child, where they have gone and you can go straight to them.

The picture below is taken from the KIDSnav website to show you the amazing features of this watch.

All in all I am really happy with both GPS watches that we have. They get used all the time and I would 100% recommend these to you.

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