17th November 2016

John Lewis games review and donation

John Lewis is such a massive well known high street name. So when we were asked to review some games for John Lewis myself and the kids were really excited. The opportunity arose from me being apart of the #qblogger programme for my local shopping centre.

The games we were given to review are all John Lewis own brand and I have to say they are fantastic games. So what were we given to review…

The kids were so excited to go through the bag and look at what we had been given. The first thing they both wanted to play with was the piano floor mat. I knew straight away this would be a hit, its something both kids can play with together (or should I say argue over) It is actually a really fantastic toy to play with, I even enjoyed having a go myself. With the ability to be able to change the tunes from the keys and record your own music I would say this is a fantastic present idea. Both boys and girls would really have fun playing with this and with its wipe clean material which makes it perfect for the younger ones. Think we all know with little ones around something is always getting spilt.



Another firm favourite was the remote control car. Luckly Bubs is a little bit young for this so Little Man pretty much got this to play with by himself. Although this is a really simple to use remote control car it is only suitable for 3 year olds plus. This is simply because of being able to use the car remote. The handset makes the car move either forwards or backwards. The car is nice and brightly coloured, made of hard wearing plastic and I can tell it will last. 4xAA batteries will be required for this.




Bubs wanted to play with the wooden racing car and track set. This is so simple to fit together that it hardly requires any building. The race track consists of 9 pieces that fit together like a jigsaw. It comes with a wooden red, blue and yellow car, a 1st,2nd and 3rd place stand, wooden tyres for decoration and wooden bumpers for the corners. The track is strong and will be long lasting and the cars are fantastic quality. My kids both loves using the cars around the room on the carpet as well.




Domino Run is one that I knew I was going to enjoy myself. I find it so satisfying standing up lots of dominos and then knocking them down. How annoying though when you are near the end and accidently knock them. With this one you roll a marble down which starts off the first domino, they go around and over a bridge which is great fun and very satisfying to watch. This is for children age 3 years and over although Little Man did find it hard to stand any more than  up without knocking them all down. He enjoyed rolling the marble down once I had stood them all up though. At just £15 it would make a fantastic present.


The John Lewis small robot is a great toy for the younger ages. The half car, half robot moves its arms and legs and light up on the front with a small red light. The robot does make sound by pressing a button on the front if him. You have a choice of colours which are either blue like we had or red. The website does say age 6 years plus, however Bubs who is just 2 loved it and thought it was really funny.




The wooden jumbo farm dominos were one that both kids really loved playing with together. Although Bubs didn’t entirely understand what he was doing, Little Man managed to help him. Bubs was more interested in saying the names of the animals on the dominos and making the noise the animals make. The dominos are such fantastic quality and are really thick and chunky for smaller hands. The dominos have 2 sides, either the farm animal picture side or the reverse which is classic dominos. Love the classic side for Little Man as it encourages him to count, always a bonus to learn whilst playing.





Finally we bring the Kids touch screen tablet. This is fantastic for Bubs to grow into, right now he presses the buttons but as he grows this is really going to encourage him to learn and play at the same time. The tablet has many different activities such as, can you find the first letter of the word… then the tablet gives you a word. It also tells you to touch any letter, when you touch the letter it tells you the letter and a word starting with that letter. The next activity is spelling, so the tablet asks you to spell out certain words. The last activity is where the tablet tells you a letter and you then have to press that letter. The whole tablet is all about learning words, letters and spelling which is great. Suitable for children age 3 plus, Bubs loves it now but he cant yet use it to its full potential. I do however think having these toys around for them to play with and get used to now do no harm.

img_3060If you think any of theses toys would make the perfect gift for your child, grandkids, nephews, nieces etc then check out the John Lewis website here.

Next week Caroline from John Lewis and myself are going to our local hospital to donate the above toys to the Amazon Childrens ward. I will be posting about this next week, so keep a look out to see how we get on.

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  1. Mummy Matters says:

    Aw I haven’t played domino run for years, that would be fun and frustration as I know JB would knock them over before we get to the end. JL have some brilliant own brand toys don’t they x

  2. Claire Willmer says:

    Thanks for some great present ideas! Will have to take a look 🙂

  3. Anthea Holloway says:

    These look super and are full of fun. I shall have a further look!

  4. Laura Findlay says:

    Great present ideas. Thanks for sharing x

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