8th January 2017

January update on our CH journey

Little man had a blood test back in August 2016 and after his levels been stable for the last few test we were told Febuary 2017 would be his next test.

Just before Christmas Bubs started to get more tired than normal and his had slightly harder poops. I called up our consultant and he agreed with me that it was best to get a test done.

We went to the hospital on the 27th December 2016 and I was really worried as Bubs gets himself so worked up before the test. Every time he has had a blood test so far the blood has been taken out of his foot. With him being chubby still and only 2 years old it has never been possible to find a vein in his arm. With the foot being so sensitive and the numbing cream not seeming to work it was a very stressful time for us both.

This time was so good though, the nurse could see a small vein in his arm and we agree to try it. I asked rather than using the cream could we go with the spray, which they agreed to do. They don’t like using the spray on children as small as Bubs, however with the cream not working on previous tests they agreed to use the spray.

With the spray and taking blood from his arm it was over so much quicker, it was so much less stressful and we both left a lot happier than usual. We had a call the next day to say that his dose needed to be increased slightly. We are using the liquid thyroxine 100mg in 5ml. Bubs was taking 3ml a day and he is now on 3.3ml. we have another test in 6 weeks which is middle Feb just to make sure the new dose is working well for him.

I really can’t praise our consultant enough. He is amazing and is always on hand for us to call should we have any questions. I think having such an amazing consultant makes our journey with CH a lot easier.

Here he is… my brave little soldier

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