16th January 2013

Going Potty, I have a question for you all…

So my little man is now 20 months old. My question is… When do I start sitting him on a potty? Shall I buy one and leave it around so he gets used to it? Shall I sit him on it every morning or night?

In the morning when little man gets up his nappy is soaking wet, I am not sure when is best to try sitting him on the potty or even if I should be starting yet.

Any help and advice will be very much appreciated.potty1

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3 responses to “Going Potty, I have a question for you all…”

  1. Eesha m says:

    Now is a great age to start sitting him on the potty. Get him used to it. x

  2. Leave it lying around, make it a normal thing for him to see and sit on. They will mainly copy, so make sure he’s comfy with seeing you and others wee (on the loo – not on the potty), and that you aren’t stressed at all.
    20 months is very early, the average now is an astounding 36 months, although most of mine have been dry at around 27 months and loads of people have success much earlier.
    I find that you know when they can hold it, you learn when they are ready and if you just go with that then it’s usually successful. If it’s a complete failure then leave it and come back after a few weeks. When they are definitely ready, can hold it for a good hour and have had a wee and a poo on the potty because they knew they needed to don’t go back. Pants are far more uncomfortable than nappies when they’re damp, and no child really likes that.
    Getting dry at night might happen at the same time, but probably not. Some children take another year or so to be dry when they’re sleeping, dry nappies overnight and a big wee first thing in the morning tells you that one. A large number of girls especially are still having trouble going through the night when they start school.

    Main thing is, don’t stress. It’s one of the few things a child has complete control over, and if it seems too hard or worrying they won’t do it. Relax and make it as normal as having a glass of water… 🙂

    Of course this is all just my opinion…. 😀

    • Hey thanks for you comment. Really helpful. I am going to do what you say, put the potty in the room so he gets used to it being around. He would no way be dry at night any time soon. He is always so wet in the morning still. He tells me when he has done a poo now. so he knows hes been to the toilet. Its just that getting them to tell you before isnt it.
      Really appreciate your comment 🙂 x

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