1st October 2016

I have finally done it and I couldn’t be happier!

A few weeks back I posted about being scared of going under the knife and now I have finally done it and I couldn’t be happier.

I am so happy and so proud of myself for finally doing something that I have wanted to do for  very long time.

For so long I have wanted to have a mole removed from my top lip, which wasn’t really too obvious to many people. It was however VERY obvious to me and I hated it. I was so self conscious about it and it really bothered me when speaking to people.

I first had a consultation about it 5 years ago and since then I left it. It isn’t that I didn’t want it removing I was just so scared. Finally last month i decided to book in privately and have it done.

Last week saw me go and have it done, I have finally done it and I couldn’t be happier. I spoke briefly with the consultant and then he said if I was happy to go ahead he was ready.

I knew the local was going to sting, I had a local in my back before my c-section and that stung really bad. The surgeon said it would hurt more in my top lip as it was one of the most sensitive parts of the body. He wasn’t wrong, it stung like a b#%$h and yes I cried! My lip then became really swollen which is normal and then after 3 minutes he tested the area to make sure it was all numb. I couldn’t feel a thing and he got started. I had got really worked up to the point I had pins N needles in my hands and feet. Once the area was numb and he started the process took less than 5 minutes and I couldn’t believe it.

The worst part was definitely the local going in because for the rest of the procedure I felt nothing.

After it was done I really upset which I think was actually relief from having it done. Something I have wanted to do for so long had finally been done. I will post some pictures below and they really are not the most flattering but hey, Id just had an operation!

Currently at writing this post I am 2 days post op and i took the bandage off as instructed to do so. I have to go back on Tuesday next week to have the stitches taken out. I will keep you updated on the process.

have you had anything like this done? Are you wanting to get something like this done? I would love to read your comments. If you are wanting to get this done and scared I am more than happy to speak with you in more detail if there is anything you would like to know. please leave a comment below. This is in no way a sponsored post at all however the guy who did this is Mr Richard price from Cosmetic surgery Cambridge. I paid privately to have this done at the Fitzwilliam hospital with him doing the procedure. The NHS wouldn’t do it as it is classed as cosmetic.

Before surgery… My top left of the lip.



Waiting to go in … 🙁


This is about 10 minutes after the operation (very upset) and swollen.


18 hours after the operation… (looking bloody awful and with freckles from our holiday)



This picture was around 24 hours after the operation. Still with the last layer of dressing on which I had to take off myself.



This picture isn’t the best as the lighting was really bad. This was 24 hours after when the dressing was off. There are actually blue stitches in which you can’t really see in this picture. Still looks a bit of a mess however I know this will be the case for a couple of weeks. Already much happier though!!



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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Well done you! Sometimes the run up and thinking about something is worse than it actually is.

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