19th December 2017

Hot wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge Review

Both of my boys love playing with Little cars and they both especially love any Hot wheels track that we have. Little Man was first introduced to Hot Wheels a couple of years ago now and ever since he has loved it. As Bubs has grown up he has also got into it and they both love playing Hot Wheels together.

When I was contacted recently to see if the boy would like to review the Hot Wheels stunt bridge I just knew they would love it. The motorised bridge (which requires 2xD batteries) and multiple configurations just brings endless amounts of fun for the boys. The configuration can easily be changed. This fab set has just been released in time for Christmas.

This particular set includes 70+ pieces, comes with one car and because it is part of the track builder set it can be added onto other track builder sets.  I could see the kids faces filling with excitement as I was building up the set. I love the fact that it is so easy to build. Each piece slots together so easily and the whole thing was build within 15 minutes and ready to play with.


Once the track was built the kids were ready to go, hitting the button to make the cars zoom over the bridge at just the right time. Hit the button at the wrong time and find yourself crashing off the bridge. Little Man soon started to understand about timing and pressing the button at the correct time in order to shoot the car over, Bubs however only being 3 didn’t really understand and just pressed it sometimes getting the car over more by luck.The set if for children ages 5 and over but as most young children alike, they always want to play with their older siblings toys.

If you are still looking for that special Christmas present or even birthday/ occasion then I would really recommend this for many reasons… the amount of fun my kids had with it, the ease of building it, ease of being able to put it away when finished and the quickness of building and dismantling it.

The RRP for this set is £49.99 and can be purchased at any good toy shop. Little Man and Bubs are just going to keep on having so much fun with this. I know it will be something that comes out when friends are over as well.

Do you have this set or do you think you will be looking to buy it?



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