19th December 2017

Hot Wheels Roto revolution Track Set Review

My boys go mad for Hot Wheels and receiving this set to review was no different, I knew they were going to love it. If you love this review keep an eye out for another upcoming review of the Hot Wheels Stunt Bridge Track Set.

The track comes with very few parts which is great, anything that makes it easy to set up for us parent hey. Again this set is so simple and easy to set up and in fact I set it up from just the picture on the box. Although I set this up Little Man would be able to do this himself after a couple of times watching me do it for him.

This set requires 4 D batteries which are not included so if you are buying this as a present don’t forget to get the batteries as well.

I love the fact the Roto revolution track comes with 2 cars. Once you are all set up and ready to go, place your car on the launcher, push the button to shoot off and see who will be the last one standing from the battle.

The round grey part in the middle spins around so you need to make sure you launch at the correct time. Once your car is inside the track there are black wheels which push your car to keep it spinning around the tracks. Sooner or later you will crash into the other car though. This is all part of the battle though and finding out who will emerge the winner.

I have to admit this is something that I would sit and play with either of the kids. It is actually really fun and the excitement of watching to see who will win is just great.

This set costs £49.99 and is available in most good toy shops. I usually go to Smyth’s as its so close to where we live.

Have you got or had this set yet? What did you think?


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