21st March 2018

Hot Accessories for Summer

It is hard to believe it with the snow and bad weather we have had recently but summer will soon be with us and it will be time to put the hat, scarf and gloves away and get your summer accessories out in the sunshine. Say goodbye to big winter coats and thermals, say a big hello to cool sunglasses and summer fashion! If you haven’t started planning for the warmer months just yet then maybe the following ideas will help you to get in the mood for the warmer times ahead:

Sunglasses – Ray-Bans are still going to be hot this year, as they always are. The classic sunglasses have been around since 1939 and they are not going anywhere, they are just getting more creative to move with the times. The Cat eye design will be popular this summer, as will the round Ja-Jo style. Tiny sunglasses are going to be big, in the non-volume related sense. Celebs have been modelling the new craze of micro shades with Rihanna and Kylie Jenner showing their love for the smaller sunglasses designs.

Bows and headbands – Bows are going to be prominent in a lot of fashion designs this summer both on clothing and on headbands. Headbands are also being proudly worn by the celebs and will be popular throughout the summer.

Floral inspired bracelets – Put your winter jewellery away and take a look at the floral inspired jewellery that will be hot to wear this summer. Blossom style
bracelets and other floral patterned bracelets will be hot accessories this year. For a great range of bracelet designs, visit
https://www.tateossian.com/tatusd/personalisation/bracelet-stacking if you fancy
something less floral but still on trend.

Shoulder-grazing earrings – Longer earrings have been getting more attention over the last few seasons but this summer, expect to see plenty of beautifully long, shoulder-grazing earrings of all colours and all types of materials.

Straw bags – Once only used for trips to the beach or as your holiday daytime bag, straw bags will be making an appearance as a key fashion statement this summer. Not just the big straw bags, bags of all shapes and sizes will be out and about this summer. The traditional beach bag style will be getting more outings than the annual summer holiday, as more fun and attractive straw bag designs hit the boutiques.

Transparent bags – Another interesting and perhaps surprisingly popular accessory is transparent bags. Never again will you spend 20 minutes trying to find your black purse inside your black bag! Show off your latest make-up purchase and leave everything on display for the world to see if that appeals to you. Not sure how good an idea it is in terms of showing people your valuables but it is still turning out to be a very well-liked design so expect to see these bags (and everything insidethem) this summer.

Honeycomb/bee jewellery – Pandora’s new jewellery collection is themed around bees and honeycomb and provide a real twist to the golden look. The honey bee features in some of the designs, along with lots of other bright and shiny designs that people will be wearing this summer to celebrate the end of the darker winter months.

There really are a lot of new trends heading into the accessories stores over the next
few months for you to experiment with. Put your winter accessories away and
replace them with colourful, bright ones that add some fun to your outfit and help
you to stay at the height of fashion.

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