6th February 2018

An honest letter to the NHS

Dear NHS

I just wanted to write a letter to let you know that although you are currently in ‘crisis’ you have never failed me or our boys. We have had to use you many times and each and every time I have been more than happy by the wonderful service you have provided.

When I was 24 I used you to have a baby, I was induced and ended up with an emergency section. The care I received all the way through from first going into hospital to leaving with my baby with second to none. You did everything you possibly could for me, you looked after me and my baby who is now 6. Although I could see you were extremely busy you always had time for us, you always kept coming to make sure we were OK, see if we needed anything, see if I needed any pain relief, see if I needed any help with my baby as I had just had a section. You gave me a wash after having the section and you gave me some toast (which wasn’t the best) after having my baby. Although the toast was a bit cold I still ate it.

3 years later you then delivered another baby for me through planned section and once again the care I received was amazing. You did all you could to make me and my baby (who is now 3) comfy and make sure we had everything we needed. You couldn’t have looked after me any better than you did. We left hospital happy with our bundle of joy. After leaving hospital and baby having the hell prick test it was picked up that his thyroid wasn’t working correctly. Again the care we received whilst it was being established weather he did have one which wasn’t working or didn’t have one at all was fantastic. You have a lovely consultant in our local hospital who specialises in this and he was and is still amazing. He spoke about everything to us and asked us to take our time if we had any questions, he gave us his phone number in case we had any questions and told us to call at any point. We received amazing care at Addenbrooks where we were sent to have the scan done on the thyroid. Bubs is now 3 and although he doesn’t need to see you all the time we have to have 6 mostly blood tests and the care he receives when getting these done is fab, the nurses are just amazing with him.

Not long after this Little Man broke his collar-bone and although we didn’t get the best care from our doctors who said it definitely wasn’t broken, we had exceptional care at the hospital. After making my little man wait for 24 hours before going to the hospital because the doctors said it was fine, the hospital X-rayed him and we could see instantly it was broken right through. You treat him so well, made him feel comfy and at ease at a time when he was in so much pain. You played with him and made him laugh whilst putting on his sling.

Then along the way we have ended up with both boys splitting their heads open and having to come and see you to be glued back together. Again at a time where they were scared and upset you made them laugh and feel at ease whilst doing the necessary of gluing the split back together.

I want to say thank you for all you have done for me and my family. I am sure that having 2 boys we will be using you again soon, hopefully not too soon though. However when we do I hope we receive the care that we always have done. You do a fantastic job even though you are stretched way past the max. I know not everyone has the best time with you but we have no complaints.

Many Thanks

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